KHD – Our services

KHD offers a turnkey service.

Involvement in all stages of the project and close monitoring  from beginning  to the end.

Here is a brief overview of the services  offered:

  • Full support for all aspects of a project, including communication and supervision of all parties concerned
  • Plans
  • Perspective 3D.
  • Creation of stencils, trompe l’œil and all sorts of decors
  • Custom furniture: kitchen, bathroom and/or other
  • Shopping service “sur-mesure”
  • A professional team, timely and effective

Everyone wants to make their environment a place of their own representing their taste  and needs. To be able to adapt to the customer’s  vision and the budget is what requires the most creativity. Trust is also essential when we engage in that sort of project, which is why the attention on good  honest and conscientious  work is critical.

Each customer can choose the services offered according to their needs:

  • Consultation, for advices, colors or professional approval for what has been planned when the intention is to do the work without the team
  • Plans , summary or detailed, sketches and research
  • Turnkey service

For more than 20 years  a professional team, timely and effective.

Renovating or building new is an important moments of life. To be guided  and  avoid costly mistakes, one meeting will tell you if you have found the support you are looking for.

Looking forward to meeting you.