KHD – About

Korine Hazan DesignKHD has been working in the field of interior design for over 20 years. The ultimate goal is to delight customers by delivering a product that exceeds all expectations.

A comprehensive approach that starts with an active and attentive listening to customers in order to discover and comprehend clearly the mandate. Whatever the size of the project, it will be completed with ease and velocity. The portfolio of  KHD in recent years is full and varied,  including projects in the areas of Westmount, Town of Mount Royal, Rosemère, the cities of Laval and St-Sauveur and luxurious residential complex Tropiques Nord located in the Ville-Marie area.

Interior design is one of the expression of who we are or what we want to create for ourselves and our family in our homes. Commercial projects, seek to create a world of effeciency or relaxation with an interestin twist. One thing is certain, imagination and creativity are put forward and the role of the designer is to ensure the fulfillment of the dreams of the client within the different paramaters of structure, budgets and logic regardless of the scope of the project.

This is how the concept of facilitator is born. The designer must not push is own taste but allow space for the client’s vision, while offering advice as needed. Due to the training, experience of construction sites and relationships with subcontractors and suppliers KHD will facilitate each step of the project.

The approach is distinct, the expertise is made available to the client and / or the contractor. Whether boldness is required, or the classicism is in order, the adaptation to different styles and different needs are such that the results are always as expected and often exceeded.

A dynamic and flexible team, comfortable with all styles and requirements and exercising a great sense of organization allows respect of deadlines and budgets at the service of a selected clientele.

This is the offer KHD.